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We in Uniq Web Infotech solutions are professionals with 7+ years of experience and we deliver quality web designing, web developing and SEO service. We have been listed among the best in the market and our loyal customers have been working satisfactorily with us till date.

Uniq Web Infotech solutions as the word itself says is a unique company that provides customers with the ultimate superior service under one banner making it the best web site design, web developer and SEO service company in Chandigarh. We at the company are a group of dedicated professionals committed to providing quality work at all cost. We guarantee that the services provided to you will be the BEST.

We ensure the satisfaction of each and every client which comprises of domestic as well as global clients. Our company provides Web site designing, web site developing and SEO services which are regarded as the best by our loyal clients who have worked with us till date and we continue to give them the best they deserve

Whether it’s a startup company or a major company we deliver the perfect service suited to their requirements in a refined and professional manner wherein all are satisfied. We believe in nurturing customer’s plan with great care and in helping them to the maximum for their benefit. We assure you that once you align yourself with us, we will deliver to you our expert services which will ensure that your work requirements are met to your satisfaction.

We are purely done Work in a professional way which guarantees that your company stays upfront in the global market.


We would love to hear from you, if you want advice, a quote or want to know more about us, please contact us and we will get back to you.

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